Thursday, 3 October 2013

A very important announcement - warning contains fudge: Get Your Fudge Fix with New ‘Fudgey Fridays’ Delivery Box

Buttermilk Confections, expert creators of traditional Cornish fudge, have announced the launch of mouth-watering ‘Fudgey Fridays’, where fans can get their fix of decadent fudge delivered to their door every month. The fudge subscription service will see a tasty tray of treats drop onto doormats monthly for a treat that will set the taste buds tingling. With classic flavours like Belgian Chocolate and Cornish Clotted Cream, or adventurous varieties like Blueberry Cheesecake or Double Deadly, no month will ever pass by without a hearty helping of fudge again. David Goad, Managing Director of Buttermilk Confections says, “We are very excited to launch Fudgey Fridays and offer subscribers a regular helping of our award-winning fudge direct to their door. Our distinctive fudge is crafted with care by expert fudge makers using traditional old recipes that are too good to keep to yourself. Share them around the office or give them as gifts.”

Each tray will contain two different flavours so recipients can tailor-make their own Fudgey Friday. There will be themed trays, taster options and the classic flavours that everyone loves to ensure that each package is a decadent treat that will always satisfy. Whether sampling a brand new flavour, enjoying something different like Blackjack, or Apricot Brandy fudge, or savouring the classic taste of caramel fudge, each package will contain an explosion of flavour, with the smooth and creamy texture that can only come from handmade treats.

The fudge fix will drop onto doormats on the last Friday of every month, offering a payday treat that screams indulgence. There are a range of different subscriptions available ranging from three to twelve months, and membership includes an induction into the fudgey family at Buttermilk Confections. Subscribers will receive signed cards, newsletters and personalised emails offering the latest updates about fudge flavours, new themed trays and other offers from Buttermilk Confections.

For those who know a friend who is crazy for fudge, there is an introduction service which allows members to invite one friend per month. Each new member will get to experience their next Fudgey Friday for free, with benefits for the person extending the invitation too. Fudgey Fridays also make a great office snack to incentivise employees on that last Friday of the month. Leave them open near the coffee machine or hand them round and make Fudgey Fridays a celebration for the whole workplace.

For more information about Fudgey Fridays and to subscribe, visit


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