Thursday, 26 October 2017

But why should you do PR?

If you're a small business, it can be time-consuming and expensive to get your name in front of prospective customers.

That's why getting positive press coverage is an affordable and effective option compared to activities such as advertising, sponsorship and marketing.

Often, people say that they don't have a good story or that the press aren't interested, but actually small businesses have a huge advantage compared to larger corporates. They tend to be of more interest to journalists because they have better backstories, or are family-run or do things that are interesting. Perhaps they use an old family recipe or bring their product to market in an innovative way. Sometimes the founder found themselves unfulfilled by corporate life and so now has an inspiring work-life balance.

Press coverage is cost effective too. You can put aside some time to do it yourself or you can find a PR pro or agency to do it for you (I'll be talking next month in my blog about ways of finding a PR person who is a good fit for your business). A piece in a newspaper or online tends to stick around, meaning that people are still reading it and finding you months or even years after publication.

The other positive about PR is credibility. You can tell people all you like that you're the best in the business, but potential customers really want to hear this from a third party. And what better endorsement for you than a positive piece from a journalists on your business, product or service.

If you're local to West Berkshire and would like to give your PR a kickstart, then check out the following two workshops:

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How to write a press release:

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